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Real Time Gas Prices verses the Current Method

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Gas prices are the key element in deciding where to purchase the gasoline. As we drive by a gasoline station we can clearly see the prices and if that location is open or closed. How can we know if the next station down the road has a better price or not? The highly volitile price of the fuel impacts the finances of each consumer and business whether they drive one vehicle or operate a fleet of trucks. It is always necessary to have the prices at the fingertips with the aim of getting the best deals. Companies that run their fleets of automobiles and trucks on gas and diesel fuel will want to get an accurate update of the prices.

Currently, there are several ways in which the costs for the gas and fuel are captured. Some companies such as offer consumers an app to download. Once you have the app then you can report the price of the gas purchased or seen at a specific gas station. The prices reported by users are then uploaded to a cloud server and can be presented to others who use local search on Google, Bing, Yahoo to find the best prices. Yelp and many other services report the prices as well. There are other websites that collect similar data in similar ways. However, they do have several limitations as discussed below:

    • 1. No real time prices.  :  Since the gas prices are updated on a physical basis, it means that getting a real-time price at any given time becomes a challenge. The price of gas is highly volitile. To be competitive gas station managers may change prices several times daily. By the time the price is reported by a consumer using an app, the price may have changed. No one knows when the next person will report the new price.

    • 2. Vulnerability to manipulation.  :  Currently, the system in place does not have authentication of access. Therefore, anyone who has access to a gas price reporting app can report a price. With such system in place, it becomes very easy for people with wrong motives to alter the prices. The alteration means that people will be fed with false information and the consumers end up paying a higher price.

    • 3. Somtimes the gas station is closed.  :  How would you feel if you car was running on fumes and Yahoo or Google sent you to a gas station that was closed? Some gas stations operate 24 hours each day and others do not.Gas Station owners and managers want to be found in local search for gas prices in order to drive new business to their locations.From the above limitations, we bring to you a perfect gas pricing and reporting systems that handle the above challenges making it easier to trade
      in gas related products. With the Internet of Things platform powered by real time gas pricing is here!Some of the keys befits that come with the our real time gas prices platform is as follows:

    • 1. Real-time-prices.  :  The information which is displayed in local searhes is real time and based on the updates actually made by the local gas station manager not a consumer or your competitor entering prices. It means that the information about the prices will always stay up to date and helps everyone find the best price.

    • 2. Accessibility  :  When is signal for a new price is received on our pricing platform it is receiving a “heart beat” from that location. They are definitely in business and open. Additionally “open now” or “closed” messages are shared with the search engines.

    • 3. Authorized access.  :  The gas prices digitally captured on our real time price platform are controlled by the people who are authorized by the gas station management to change the price. This ensures the accuracy of the prices being fed to the public. Capturing price data from our LED GAS PRICE SIGNS eliminates stale prices as well as the manipulation of the data.


  • Conclusion.  :  The introduction of our Real Time Gas Price Platform is definitely the wave of the future. The “Internet of Things” pricing platform by is now available and deployed in over 1,000 locations across the USA. Smart Oil Technology is fully integrated with the Place Sign pricing system. Smart Oil Technology LED GAS PRICE CHANGERS work over the internet using any computer, smart phone or tablet device that has internet access. We are fully integrated with Place Sign. When the gas station manager changes the price on our sign locally or centrally the prices are shared on the pricing platform and with all the major search engines.

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