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Sign Details


Our  LED GAS PRICE CHANGERS are tested for 72 hours before they are shipped. You can be sure about the quality of our LED GAS PRICE CHANGERS. They are manufactured to exacting ISO 9001 standards, proven and developed over 15 years.Our 2-1-10 No Worries Warranty:
2 years against any defects in quality and workmanship;
1st  year  all parts and labor are included;
10 years  on the encapsulation- should any water leak into your display during the
first 10 years, it is replaced at no charge.

Sign Details


We are moving the task of changing prices of your gas to the cloud!  You will be able to change the price on each of our LED gas price changers  for each location and organize your locations into groups. In this way you can control the price on our LED gas price changers in one service station or many service stations in each group with one click.  This happens over secure, encrypted connections for the best possible security of your prices.

You can log into your customer portal from any computer, iPhone, Android or Tablet from your office, on the road or from the  beach.  Call today for details of our Internet price changing options.


Led Gas Price Changer Internet

  • Remote Controller
  • Remote controller 2


It is very easy as well as convenient to change the prices of your gas using our hand held remote control. Make up your mind not to climb ladders or use suction cups to change old and broken plastic prices. You and your employees will appreciate the speed and comfort of changing the price from the warmth of your office especially on cold, rainy days and the winter. Call today for a free estimate to upgrade your sign.  You’ll be glad you did!!


You have three options to install our price changers to your gas station pylon or monument signs:

Easy Retro fit can be installed onto the face of your signs;

You can install the price changer behind the face so it is covered with clear polycarbonate;

You can use a very stylish and very clean install using a flush mount from the front of the face.

In this case the LED price changer is not visible from the side as it is flush with the sign face.

These installation option are possible because of our patented flange system.

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