LED Electronic Message Centers Digital Signage

LED Electronic Message Centers Digital Signage

LED Electronic Message Centers  Digital Signage

LED Electronic Message Centers and Digital Signage can increase your sales by up to 150% according to the US Small Business Administration. Outdoor LED Programmable Signage and Electronic Message Centers (“EMC”) are the best way to reach out to your customers with relevant messages. Our EMC supports text, graphics, animations, videos and images. All the most popular formats are supported such as jpeg, flash video, MPEG, Real Player, Quick Time, AVI, Power Point and more.

We offer free Content Management Software with your new “EMC” which makes it easy for you to create messages for your customers or play commercials created by your advertising agency.Free online CMS software training


We provide sales, service and installation of LED Electronic Message Centers  Digital Signage for small and large businesses across the USA. Our LED Electronic Message Centers (“EMC”) have the highest resolution and brightness for all weather conditions.  Your choice of 6MM, 8MM, 10 MM or 16 MM full color, single or double sided LED Electronic Message Centers Digital Signage are easy to install. We provide full color LED Electronic Message Centers  Digital Signage for  outdoor  and  inside advertising applications.  If you are ready to  make a BOLD statement to your customers, please consider our eye popping 6MM, high resolution, full color LED Electronic Message Centers. They are light weight, very slim and easy to install. Our EMC s are weather proof with IP 65 rating front and back. You can effortlessly control one digital sign or many LED digital signs across your enterprise.

We provide a free content management systems with each purchase of any LED Electronic Message Centers or Digital Signage together with free online training.

Our strategic sign partners across the USA  facilitate  sales, service and installations of Electronic Message Centers.

According the the “SBA” US Small Business Administration,Electronic Message centers will increase your business by up to 150%. Call us today for a free evaluation.

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